28) Arya 1

On the arrival of a new life
into my life is a difficult
topic to a write a poem on..

for who comes
has always gone, may be
i am too sceptic…

maybe the dearth of real
emotions in my life real
people around me with real
honest feelings truth
ful feelings and words

has led me to belief that all
perhaps is bullshit…

but the arrival
of a little baby

and the excitement
the joyous calm the impulse
in her father’s eyes of childishness

(one child giving birth to many childs)

the anticipation the fear in his eyes
the sadness in his eyes that
his own brother might
not be happy about it all
drunk about it all

shows me some hope
hope with sadness..
some belief in humanity

that perhaps there
can be real honest truth
ful relations between people

where masks are thrown away and secrets
they are no secrets anymore
and all are sitting around a little girl
and she is smiling
at the jokers around her…

On the birth of Arya

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