26) Alive

We are thrown into this world Heidegger
said and said Sartre
We are the culprits of our own freedom

We are just animals with oversensitive souls
Trying to hide that over sensitiveness
under the veil of so called reason; but Nietzsche
said we are irrational, No.
we are

a bunch of fools who think that they are
not rational or irrational animals and Aristotle
said We are discursive beings with active souls
Heading in the direction of his telos but
humans are just fools

who think that they have telos by introducing a concept of telos
and introducing the idea of being thrown
and introducing the idea of absolute freedom
and trying to change the world
and trying to reach brahman
and trying to pee.

we are selfish goons enveloped
over by a garb of over
sensitive ness trying
to mimic the shadows on the wall
in the post post post secular cave reading
to each the third man argument that
the world can be a better sty

we are piles of shit over
shit trying
to teach whales
how to swim, in
Short, we are alive.

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