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I am a hindu and I
Like killing and fucking little

Because she was a muslim and I raped her?
Or was she a little girl before puberty? And I did what I will again do.
Or was it just because I was a hindu?

And there is a 1947 partition. True. There is.
And I am talking to myself.
There is 1947 partition and there is
Partition from 1947 to today
Going on continuing mulling
Its existence like a wo/man in love.

But I am a swine.
And shit is my goddess.
I am proud of myself.

(The clouds hang above me
The world is a cheater.
And I am proud of myself.)

O yes, I am proud of myself.

And the temples shine with the girth
And fat and blood and muscles
Of the vagina of a little girl.

Oh sorry.
I should not have said ‘vagina’.
I should not have said periods.
I should not have said woman and menstruation and jeans.

Jeans? Fuck jeans.
I dont need jeans even
Burkhas are okay with me and I am proud of myself.

I am a proud Hindu
I am a proud muslim
I am a proud swine.

And now the swines are looking at me with hatred.
They are saying swines
Are not hindus. Fuck.
I don’t eat cows like those muslims.
I eat little girls.

A little girl is enough for me.
My dick is too small for the vagina of a big woman in love with me!

PS: Hinduism is just a way of life!

(1343, 16/04/18, palampur)

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