45) Sun

This is my poem. I WRITE
to this lost world.
In the roads to infinity.
Roads less traveled maybe. But
Roads. Definitely.

I don’t seek infinity I am
Happy being a finite
Miniscule meaningless
And forever alive particle. Of fire.
Burning every new second
Milli micro nano. Second.
I burn. And infinite
Is for the gods who created sun. I am

(23:40 18/02/18)

44) A solitary tree

An ekphratic verse

It has begun to speak to me again
A solitary tree on a solitary path.

And its branch
Like a Pinochhio’s nose and its body
Like a man’s
Or a woman,
I don’t know, I don’t
Want to know.

Angels walk by when its quiet.
And when its quiet
A solitary tree looks like a man,
A man with a lengthy nose …

Will it be a site for a noose?
It shall see children and children
And children chirping on a swing…
I don’t know, I don’t
Want to know either.

Or when the sun sets, the ghosts
Shall dance on its twigs and the tree
Shall not be solitary again…

And can you see the wires?
Can you see the endlessness of the poles
And the endlessness
Of the solitary tree frozen
In a single moment tending to infinity?

I am walking in my dreams
Under this tree like a man
And like a man it has begun to shed
Leaves of words on me;
And these solitary leaves
Like snow melt on my head
And are numbing my mind
To a state of grave like calm.

I am not alone in a crowd
I have my solitary tree with me.

(19:14, 14/02/18)

(I wrote this poem in Dr. Anand’s house on a painting drawn by her which she was inspired by a scene in Rakkar, HP)

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