8. On fattebaaz

Some people in an organization survive (they are unable to flourish because they are always busy in ‘just’ surviving) because they are good at pointing errors of others. This is a useful function only in one case when they are “really” working and adding to the organization. A man can point fingers at other only when he himself has fingers. Those who don’t really work have the following properties:
1. They are very concerned about who is working what, and what others are up to. They are always talking with the heads about others’ ‘lack of’ performances. Criticizing is good, but they never praise others. This is the key point of distinction.
2. They make a big show of whatever ‘small/big’ contribution they are making.
3. They waste more resources of the organization than they need to because they think (they really believe) that they are working! They deserve everything they have, and they actually have less than they deserve in their opinion.
4. They take credit for things that others have done, because they are aware of their lack of potential. They use big words very easily and they know what to say when.
5. They always appear busy.
6. They spread rumors about others and make a big fuss about a certain individual’s weaknesses they are attacking.
7. Most importantly: they do nothing, because they seem to be doing everything. They do everything which actually means nothing. They are the head of the organization and the peon and the accountant and manager, and caretaker of building and sweeper and mechanic, they are everywhere and they are nowhere. That’s why they are friends with everyone.
8. And yet they do nothing, they do these different things only in the presence of the head, rest of the time they are lounging with a crease of tension on their foreheads which to others appear as if they are great philosophers and poets, but in actuality they are planning which dice to throw next.
9. Any organization which keeps such individuals for long with it is going to die, because
– others look at them and do not feel like working.
– such individuals create an atmosphere of negativity, breed tensions and its leads to a lack of coordination
– I like to call such individuals ‘fattebaaz’.
– Everyone dislikes a fattebaaz. But no one wants to confront him, because (since they spend all of their time in plotting and planning) anyone who confronts him is bound to suffer. No one wants to confront him also because most of us love peace.

10. If a fattebaaz is not taken care of, then everyone ends up becoming a fattebaaz in the long run.

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