7. On parents and marriage

1. It is a very topical issue. Not many people go through it.

2. The narrative is very personal. Maybe, it applies to me only.

3. I have a political interest in making it public.

4. Can parents know what is right for their child, if they have no idea who their child is? My parents have no idea who I am. As soon as they come to know an aspect of mine, that aspect gets spoiled beyond repair. That is why I have always been secretive to them, and it is now a habit in front of everyone.

5. Do parents have a right to impose their will on their children? If someone tells me they brought me up… and did sacrifices for me, I want to ask: “Did they do it for me?” I have never seen a parent doing something for her child. Everything she does is for herself… to satiate that very passionate (and mind it, sexual/biological) drive of keeping a specie alive. Parenthood is not gender. It does not come from gender. It is purely biological. I have an over protective biological father. I carry a lot of genes from him, so I already know I am going to be an over protective father.

6. My concern for my parents is not there because they are my parents. But because they have been around me a lot. A child’s love for her parents is not biological. It is social and individual. But I don’t love my parents, I just care for them. They are good people, but they have done me bad, and I don’t love them for it. My love was killed by their actions by many incidents that no one will ever know because I want to respect their privacy. I am unable to feel love for them. Simple. Can someone convince me against it with arguments? NO.

7. An overprotective father who meddles too much in your life is not worthy of being called a father. Only ‘biological father’. I do not want to marry ever. It is my choice taken after a lot of consideration and thought. Can someone convince me that I should listen to my parents and do it?

8. I have no ideological or moral issues against marriage. I just don’t want to do it. Can someone convince me? NO. Perhaps a girl who loves me so much that… I am forced by her love to marry her… No one else… And she will have to understand that she can’t expect me feel love for my parents. And anything they say about me will mean nothing, because they have no idea who I am. And it had always been like that.

9. Am I wrong? Perhaps. But can’t I be wrong?

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