54) Waiting for the water to boil (She 54)

Waiting for the water to boil
I remember her silhouette
The dark
Lines around her profile made
By the rays of sun coming in, rushes
Into my head like a snake
Rushes into a hole not its, of a rat
Which is about to be killed.

And fuzzy hazy desirous
Profile of her remind
Me of something I never forgot in my life, something
I cannot seem to remember.

And the rays
Which form a halo around her
Around her silhoette,
While I wait for my water to boil
Still caresses my mind into euphoria
And my lips into smile, And I
Like a lost wandering soul
Lost in the games of life find
Myself lost in the voices of her hair
As they hiss in my ears
As they flounder my desirous consciousness
Into a new being of ecstasy.

(1945, 14/06/2018, Palampur)

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